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knack art show,
(KNACKan acquired or natural skill at doing something).

Founded in Mallorca (Spain) in 2019 by the artist Pedro Siratz.

what art you good at? Is our slogan. All kind of art is welcome.

Knack Art Show is a multidisciplinary art platform conceived to give visibility, find and create opportunities for artists. We work mainly in Mallorca and Canada, with some events in the south of France as well.

We act as a channel and our goal is to motivate, connect and bring art closer to the public and artists of all disciplines through events (we call it, art experiences), exhibitions, social media content, along with other unique proposals. We want to contribute to connect the public and companies with artists, so that they consume original art. In order to create a positive link between artists, businesses and art consumers, where everyone wins. In this way we motivate the economy between artists and companies. Also, companies create alternatives to their business and artists can make a living from what they do, eventually, or have a fair income from it.

Our projects are based on the ease of accessibility for artists to participate in our opportunities. Which most of them are free to artists.


We have succeeded in holding several editions of the Knack Art Show in Palma, two festivals in France with more than 100 artists and countless solo and small format exhibitions to help artists to have opportunities, in Mallorca, France and Canada.

Our initiatives are open access and each artist decides if he/she wants to participate in them. Depending on the event and the size of the space, there are selection processes or not. In each artistic experience, we adapt to the peculiarities of the place where it is held, creating a unique experience.

In addition to all of the above, we have been able to create alternative projects to motivate art as Knack Art Walk and our initiatives in social networks and youtube as; Interviews (Knack Talks & meet the talent), online music shows (Sunday Club), among other projects such as showing the art of emerging artists in our networks. All this with the sole intention of motivating artists to continue working, find new talent and attract the local public to meet these creatives.

Let art be part of our daily lives.

What ART you good at?

Pedro Siratz

Knack Art Show

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